How To Reset Netgear Extender?

Netgear extender reset to fix continuos trouble with WiFi extender. Facing login panel issue or WiFi booster not connecting error. Reset Netgear WiFi extender to its default settings for the original reset.This will convert it to default settings and the entire device will be disconnected until reset. below mentioned intructions will lead you to help in how to reset Netgear extender using admin or ‘reset’ button.

How To Reset Netgear Wifi Extender Using IP?

To reset the Netgear extender you need a default IP address connected to the Netgear extender that you will need to access the firmware to change any other administrator settings. An IP address is usually found in the extension guide that goes into It.

reset netgear extender using or reset button

If you still can’t find the IP address?

If for any reason you cannot find the manual that comes with the extender then Visit the official Netgear website and enter your extender details to get your IP address. And yet if you can’t find them you may need support resources to Help yourself with this.

Upgrade Firmware 

Firmware is software installed on Netgear devices and without firmware. Your Netgear wifi range extender will not work if the firmware is not updated. It happens from time to time when the firmware needs an update and affects its performance. after logging in using your IP address to check if your Netgear extender needs an update or not while your device is old or out of date you will need to update the firmware.

cant reset Netgear WiFi extender check or update firmware

Netgear Extender Reset – Three Different Ways

Reset the Netgear extender using

It is the default location control panel that will help your Netgear wifi extender and also allow you to change settings via the Internet. It is also called a soft reset as you can also change your settings and restore them at any time later using admin login page. 

The Netgear genie reset window appears and you can easily reset your transmitter but if you like this in a high-tech way you can choose a hard reset.

NEtgear extender reset using or

Factory reset to its default settings using the reset button

It is very simple but known as a hard reset and is only used most often after a gentle reset if needed. It is widely used as another way to restore default settings.

To reset the Netgear extender you need to make sure the extender is turned on. when the LED light is stable you will have to press the factory reset button located on all extender models, in this case, it may be on the side or bottom panel behind a small hole but can only be pressed with any sharp object like a paper cliff or a needle. Press it for about 10 seconds and you will see a flicker of power which means it has been reset to its default settings and you must now configure it.

Factory Reset To Its Default Settings Using 'Reset' Button

When do you need to reset WiFi extender and what will this reset do?

Whenever you have to pair your extender with another router this makes the process easier. Resetting tasks is easy to perform and factory reset by pressing the reset button is much easier than others. But the only downside to this is that you will lose all of your extender wifi settings and your stored passwords for combining data and all information. But if you forget your password it is the best option that experts have suggested.

Restore WiFi extender Settings through local admin panel

  • Initially, you should connect your PC or laptop to the wider range of your wifi using any wireless or cable connection.

  • Open any web browser and type in your Netgear range extender’s web address(IP address) in the address bar.

  • You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to log in to the local admin Panel using your current username and password.

  • Now go to settings and there you will see the reset option. Click the Reset button to Continue.

restore default Netgear extender setting via

The Netgear extender is now reset and ready to be set. Facing any trouble while resetting Netgear extender reset or need any further information you can contact professional team.


Factory reset name means the removal of all personal information such as username, password, network name, and security settings. Fixes an extension getting a new installation process from its default state may be required for several reasons such as not being able to recover your administrator password. Netgear extender can fix various problems and reset your username and password and it is strongly recommended that the reset if you forget your password.

Can’t reset WiFi extender or after reset Netgear extender getting issue. Like unable to login mywifiext local admin panel cant setup. This indicates that the Netger extender reset process is not done properly. Contact WiFi extender experts to resolve WiFi repeater factory reset error.